Happy Birthday to you and CowBop too!

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On Friday, February 26, 2016 over 40 family and friends helped Dave celebrate his 91st birthday.  His best friend, Chase Masterson of Star Trek fame (who shares the birthdate with Dave), helped coordinate the festive gathering at a Burbank restaurant featuring Cow Bop music.

What on the planet is Cow Bop?

Well, pretty much like it sounds.  It is a honky-tonk canvas of rhythms with a bebop color palette of melodies nuanced in a unique art form.  As fast and furious as a freight train and unexpectedly melodic, CowBop has been the Friday night anchor at Cody’s Viva Cantina for several years.  Dave sat in for a few tunes to the delight of all.  (video coming soon)


A treat from Prez Conference

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This is Taxi War Dance.  I found this video on YouTube.  Fans do some of the most inspired work, sometimes!

This arrangement by Bill Holman takes Lester Young’s solo on Taxi War Dance and brings it to life with a cadre of saxophones.  Along with Dave Pell, Bobby Cooper and Gordon Brisker round out the tenors. Bill Hood is on baritone. Prez contemporary Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison makes a compelling statement on trumpet.

NOTE: (There is a photo shown in video from a live Prez Conference performance that shows Bob Hardaway and Bob Cooper on tenor and Bobby Efford on bari)